Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Most amazing night!!!!

Tonight has been such a good night! I had the best talks ever with my mom, sister (heather), & sister & brother in law (Christina & Jon). I am at a cross roads lets be honest my life isnt what I want it to be I am not 100%happy at all & I have some huge choice I need to make I've known that for awhile now just not sure how to or was ready to. Well I am now I get that I just need to keep moving forward & I was able to get some really good advice & clear somethings up & work through a lot night. Life is not easy but it is what we make it. I am done feeling sorry for myself & ready to move on & work on my self. Its just one choice I have to make & stick to every day every hour every minute. I know this may get hard at times but I have a goal to serve 3 different people everyday so I can lose my self in service. I am so ready for that next step in my life. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family who loves me & wants whats best for me & Edison. Sometimes its hard to see things & we just need that one person to be honest enough to put us in our place.

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