Monday, October 18, 2010

I dont always remember......

Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am I have so much when others have so little but yet I complain and forget to be grateful for what I do have...... 
I have a family who loves me and has taken me & my little brother into there home
they have always been so supportive of us & put our needs above there own many times
I have an amazing amazing mother who has helped me so much & father who stood by her stand and 
worked hard to always make sure his kids had what they needed 
I have 3 brothers I love dearly 
& 3 amazing sisters who are so kind & forgiving
My mom & dad are kind enough to take me & my son into there home &
 help me get on my feet while I go to school my mom watches Edison without charge 
I would be nothing with out my family they are my rock 
& strength when I am weak they love me so unconditionally & I am truly blessed to have them! 

I am also blessed to have many other thing most people don't have 
a roof over my head clean clothes a place to bath every day 
food to eat clean water to drink TV & movies to watch 
a nice computer being able to go to school freedom of speech and  many other freedoms 
I am blessed to have a beautiful a little boy who loves me 
its sad to think that some people cant bare children Edison is my world and I am so grateful to have him I love love love love him! 

 I am so grateful for all that I have & I want to start expressing my thankfulness 

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