Thursday, March 10, 2011

The most AMAZING boyfriend ever!

K well first off Im dumb & I dumped my amazing boy friend over something I shouldn't of at all .... but we ended up talking stuff out & Treavor (my amazing boyfriend) came down to my house last night I opened the doors & he had flowers!!!! 
I felt shocked but soo happy he loved me a enough to show me he looked super cute with his hair done & nice button up shirt I was putting the flowers in water & he asked if we should go to Brick Oven & I said yes (thats were we went on our first date (:)

 So we left my house & had a really good talk on the way to dinner then ate dinner & it  was just awesome I am sooo lucky to have my super amazing boy friend who cares sooo much I love being around him I love his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his voice, his hair, his touch, his look in his eyes when he looks at me & really just everything about him I soo thankful we worked everything out cuz I am in love with Treavor Hawkins he is the most amazing person I have ever meet he is my soul mate & I cant wait to spend forever by his side (:


  1. Love this! You guys are so cute :). PS we are going to Brick Oven for my birthday on March 22 do you guys want to come?

  2. Yes we do we were talking about it just remind us (: